Adou Thiero is a Cat

Blue Chips Full Court Press – Week of 05.09.22

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Blue Chips Weekly Recap

Adou Thiero is a Cat! The PG from Pittsburgh officially committed to Kentucky on Sunday.

This past season Adou averaged 23 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, and earned the Pennsylvania Boys Basketball Player of the Year. Adou is quite literally the best late bloomer in the class of 2022.

At the beginning of his senior season last August, he was unranked on every single recruiting site and stood at just 6’0″ tall. Now, Thiero is a consensus 3-star recruit and nearly 6’6″, and still growing. His doctor expects him to be 6’8″ by the end of next year. Most fans and analysts have anticipated that Thiero will be a 3-4 year guy, while a small minority speculate that his growth and development — both physically and skillfully — could make him a first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Keep expectations for Adou grounded at the moment, but just by looking at his tape he knows ball and he’s athletic — combine that with a 6’8 body and guard ball-handling skills, and he’s got all the potential in the world.

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2️⃣ Secondary Updates

  • 2022 John Calipari Rare Edition #9  $300
  • 2022 Kellan Grady Premier Edition #6 $150
  • 2022 Jacob Toppin Rare Edition #17 $100

3️⃣ What’s Happening In the Digital Sports Landscape This Week?

Afterparty Has Big Plans for NFTs

Afterparty Inc. has ambitious plans to use NFTs to transform the event-ticketing industry. The technology allows for Afterparty’s NFT tickets to be used for multiple events — including those that haven’t been scheduled yet. The company is planning another music festival in Los Angeles, and Fields said ticket holders for the event will get access to exclusive events and the opportunity to reserve passes for future festivals.

BIG3 Partners with MoonPay for Groundbreaking Ownership NFT Drop This Weekend

Today, the BIG3 announced they are partnering with MoonPay, the leading global crypto payments infrastructure provider, to facilitate the purchase of the league’s NFTs. Even ownership stakes are on the table!

Wearables for Your Avatar First, You Second

This is undoubtedly the future. Why build things in real life when you can test them first digitally? And not just test them, but sell them in both places? Buckle up everyone!

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