Cats 2023 Global Jam

​​CATS to Represent USA at 2023 GLOBAL JAM

The season may have just ended, but we won’t have to wait too long to get our first glimpse of the highly anticipated 2023-24 Wildcats in action. Kentucky is officially heading to Toronto this July to represent the United States in the 2023 GLOBAL JAM.

ICYMI: Chin Spilled the Beans

Earlier this year on his call-in show, Coach Cal hinted at the possibility of his team participating in a tournament this summer.

I got a call about us possibly playing, being invited to play in an event in July,” he said. “That would be great for our team. Should be coming out shortly if that’s the way this goes, which I believe it will. We’ll have some summer play against good competition to figure out where we are. It’s a good start for us.” 

Coach Cal did his best to keep the details (at the time) a secret. However, assistant Chin Coleman later joined his show and accidentally spilled the beans.

“We have another trip, and we’ll be into the games in Toronto that we’ll have,” he said. “Those will be very critical with a young group.”

We love you, Chin!

Despite Unknowns, the Hype Grows

In last year’s event, Baylor represented Team USA. The round-robin style tournament is labeled as an Under-23 FIBA Event.

This will be a great opportunity to see this highly-touted freshman class in action. It will also provide them with valuable experience as they become one of the most anticipated teams in Kentucky Basketball’s storied history.

There are still many questions about this upcoming team – which players will return, and who (if anyone), will we land from the transfer portal. There’s also the very important assistant coach position to fill that KT Turner left open when he took the UT Arlington Head Coaching job at the end of the year.

The hype is building, and the buzz will be even crazier once we get the ball rolling across the Northern border here in a few months!