Kentucky football renovations

Kentucky Football Renovations Are Underway!

The long-overdue renovations to Kentucky’s Nutter Field House Indoor Football Facility are finally underway, as well as the highly anticipated upgrades to the turf at Kroger Field!

No More Checkerboards on Kroger Field

This is only the second time that Kentucky has laid down artificial turf inside the football stadium (the first time obviously being the original renovation in 2015). For the most part it is the same, with the beautiful green alternating shades every five yards. The biggest difference, however, is the removal of the checkerboard from the end zone. This is fitting, as the Super Bowl Commercial Teaser revealed that the checkerboards on the shoulder pads were removed.

There are apparently more updates to the field coming, so stay tuned!

Nutter Field House Will Become 100% Indoors

Most importantly, the renovations at Nutter Field House have begun. Specifically, they are removing the indoor track to make the facility 100% an indoor field, like every other SEC School in the country has. 

The school is spending approximately $5 million to put down the full 120-yard indoor turf. Head Coach Mark Stoops has voiced urgency for this ever since he took the job in 2013. Now that he is providing us with the best Kentucky Football since the days of Bear Bryant, he’s getting his wish!

This will go a long way in both upping our practice possibilities as well as a new recruiting tool. Props to UK Athletics for finally getting it done!